Portable Pro Lift / Wrapping Ramp Set / RR-PPL (complete set)

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Designed for professional or at-home use, the Portable Pro Lift Drive-Up Ramp Set is a versatile solution to lifting a car 20 cm in the shop, garage, or trackside. The RR-PPL can also be used  for installing vinyl wrapping, paint protection and detailing as well as regular vehicle maintenance. If you need more thn 20cm lift, look at the RR-PPS and RR-Restyle family of ramps.

Ultra strong
Anti slip
Water resistant

Comprised of four interlocking pieces per side (8 pieces total in each set), The Portable Pro Lift/Wrapping Ramp handles a vehicle up to 2.800kg. The ramps weighing just 60 kg in total. The ramp system comes with one set of inclines interlocking to the front of the ramp system. It’s allowing the vehicle to make a forward descent off the ramps.

This vehicle lift system can go anywhere and is easily stowed when not in use. No one-piece ramp on the market today is as portable as the multi-purpose ramp by Race Ramps.
The disassembly of the ramps breaks them down into individual pieces that weigh no more than 18kg a piece. The pieces are small enough to fit in the boot or back seat of most cars. Each ramp has an angle of 6 degrees. The Portable Pro Lift/Wrapping Ramp raises the vehicle 20 cm cm.

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Technical information

Approach angle degree: 6 °

Length: 558 cm

Width: 36 cm

Height: 20 cm

Load capacity: 2800 kg / item

Weight per ramp: 60 kg / ramp

Delivered as a set of: complete set

Dimensions box: x x cm

Weight box: 60 kg

Product code: RR-PPL

Additional information

Weight60 kg
One or two piece ramp

multiple piece ramp

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complete set

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