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Ramp Calculator

How to measure the angle of attack of your car

Take a stick of 1 meter. Place it in front of a front tire.
Raise the end of the stick till it touches the front of the car.
Measure the hight in cm at end of stick
In the table, select the closest height just UNDER
your height and note the maximum angle for your car.
All products with an angle EQUAL or LOWER than your measurement will fit your car.


You measure a height of 15 cm.
The closest height under 15 cm is 14,78 for an angle of 8,5°
RR-80-10-2 and products with lower angles are OK for your car.
RR-SCALE and products with higher angles will not fit your car.

Make sure you can sail right up your service ramps!

Use the calculator below to determine your vehicle’s maximum angle of approach. Then shop for any Race Ramps with an angle equal to or less than your result.

To determine the best angle of approach for your vehicle, we devised the “meter stick test” below.
Use folding rule or carefully measure out 100 cm with a tape measure on another straight, rigid object like a broomstick.

You may need two sets of hands to get an accurate measurement.

Place the folding rule of 100 cm at the base of your front wheel.

Raise up the rule until it hits the underside of your car (the spoiler/splitter/air dam).

Measure vertically from the ground to the 100 cm point on the rule.

Race Ramp ReferenceAngle of Approach in DegreesHight Meter Stick Test in cm(MINIMUM)Maximum Tire Width cmMaximum Tire Width Inches
RR-CLR-43,96,8030 cm12″
RR-TR-54,37,5030 cm12″
BT-TT-7-10 & 10-25,29,0630 cm12″
RR-11-25,049,4135 cm14″
RR-TR-45,59,5830 cm12″
RR-TR-7 & TT & FLP5,59,5830 cm12″
RR-PPL6,010,4530 cm12″
RR-TR-8-XL6,310,9730 cm12″
RR-EX-12 & 146,611,4930 cm & 35 cm12″ & 14″
RR-72-26,811,8425 cm10″
RR-EX-PPS6,811,8435 cm14″
RR-SPR7,012,1930 cm12″
RR-SCALE-27,813,5725 cm10″
RR-TJ & TJ-S7,813,5725 cm10″
RR-TR-68,214,2630 cm12″
RR-80-10-28,514,7830 cm12″
RR-SCALE8,715,1325 cm10″
RR-TR-88,715,1330 cm12″
RR-PPS & PPS-R10,418,0535 cm14″
RR-RESTYLE-16 & 2010,418,0535 & 45 cm14″ & 18″
RR-56 & 56-210,818,7425 cm10″
RR-XT & XT-210,818,7430 cm12″
RR-TR-SK-113,022,5025 cm10″
RR-3016,027,5620 cm8″
RR-4016,728,7420 cm8″

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