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Flatstoppers prevent your tyres from getting flat spots

Preserve tire shape
Provide thermal protection
Luxury appearance

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Is your car sometimes parked for more than 3 months in a row?
The possibility that your tires get a flat side is real. These so-called “square tires” not only cause uncomfortable and unsafe situations, but are especially annoying. Not to mention the costs of a new set of tires, due to the possible irrevocable distortion.

This can be prevented by using FlatstoppersⓇ, the original tyre savers!
Thanks to their patented design, they ensure that the shape of the tires is maintained no matter how long the car stands still.

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Technical information

Approach angle degree: 8,9 °

Length: 71 cm

Width: 36 cm

Height: 3 cm

Load capacity: 700 kg / item

Weight per ramp: 1,1 kg / ramp

Delivered as a set of: 4

Dimensions box: 76 x 27 x 37 cm

Weight box: 5 kg

Product code: RR-FS

Save money

Using FlatStoppers® is saving money to thousands of people world-wide while their beloved vehicle is stored for a long period. Because Flatstoppers are designed to prevent tyres to get flat spots. They have a special design, that supports the tyre completely. This way it is impossible to develop a flat spot in the tyre. Your car’s tyres will hold their shape and you don’t have to buy new tyres.
Flatstoppers are durable, lightweight and designed not to slip when you drive the car onto them. They will never corrode, as the construction makes them completely weatherproof.

Ideal for cars, trucks, SUVs, motorhomes, RVs, trailers and campers, but of course also for oldtimers and other vehicles.
The unique design on both the top and the bottom, prevent the Flatstoppers from sliding on the floor and provides traction for the tire.

What’s in a name?!

Some people like to call it  “car shoes”, “vehicule slippers” or even “tyre savers”. But even “Tyre mattress” is also a good one!
The thing is, Flatstoppers prevent the tyres from developing a flat spot from being stood for long periods by supporting a larger portion of the tyre in the concave depression.

Winter garage

Flatstoppers from Race Ramps are perfect for when your car is garaged for the winter (or longer).
If you are parking your car for 3 months or more, this best-selling product will preserve your tire shape. Once tires are set in FlatStoppers on a level surface, they settle into the pad’s concave depression, which evenly disperses the weight of the car across the increased contact patch and prevents flat spots. Additionally, FlatStoppers will not conduct heat or cold into your tires despite changing floor temperatures.

Low angle of approach

The angle of approach is reduced, so you can park your car even smoother on the Flatsoppers than before.
If you park your cars for a couple of weeks the tyres can begin to flat-spot. Flatstoppers prevent this by allowing the tyre to settle in a concave depression, supporting more of the tyre. This disperses the weight of the car more evenly helping to prevent any flat spotting.

Light weight but strong

We make flatstoppers with a patented super-lightweight 100% solid construction material which makes them highly durable and virtually indestructible It enables them to hold up to 5.960 lb or 2.700 kg)
Each purchase contains four individual pads to service a whole car.
When vehicles are unmoved for a couple of weeks the tyres can begin to flat-spot. Race Ramp’s FlatStoppers prevent this by supporting more of the tyre. This disperses the weight of the car more evenly helping to prevent any flat spotting. The pads will accommodate tyres up to 12″ wide and up to 30” in diameter.

How to use Flatstoppers

Step 1

First make sure all dirt and little rocks are removed before paring you beloved vehicule for the winter period.

Step 2

Drive your car up to the exact place where you want to store your car.

Step 3

Reverse your car 50 cm and place the Flatstoppers before each tyre.

Step 4

Gently drive up the Flatstoppers until the tyre sets into the pad’s cocave depression.

Step 5

Your car is ready for the winter!

Anti-skid coating

Flatstoppers are made with a patented super-lightweight 100% solid construction material. They are not only very light, but also very strong. Because of their coating, Flatstoppers don’t slide whiles driving onto them, they have an anti skid coating.

There are 3 different Flatstoppers

We have the small version for tyres up to 25 cm wide. Then there is the larger version for cars that have tyres up to 36 cm wide. And finally we have Flatstoppers for super cars with tyres up to 40 cm wide. This XL version is the largest we have, so if you have monster tyres, that is the set you want to buy!

Additional information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions37 × 27 × 76 cm
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