Display Rock Large 43 cm (1 piece) / RR-ROCK-17-SS

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The Display Rock Large is 100% solid and furthermore they have a realistic textured rock surface. It can be used inside and outside.
It is a great way to display any vehicle. It will stand out and your customers will notice them!

Ultra strong
Anti slip
Water resistant

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Because each rock weighs less than 18kg you can easily move them to shows or exhibitions.
The display show rocks are sturdy, solid and won’t move no matter what the surface is.

Each purchase consists of a single rock.

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Technical information

Length: 102 cm

Width: 74 cm

Height: 43 cm

Load capacity: 1100 kg / item

Weight per ramp: 18 kg / ramp

Delivered as a set of: 1

Dimensions box: 45 x 76 x 104 cm

Weight box: 18 kg

Product code: RR-ROCK-17-SS

Show your car

Owners of garages and showrooms and regular participants of car shows know that displaying your automobile for others to be admired is an art that requires effort as well as a set of properly chosen display accessories which will help you strike a pose staging an eye- catching angle of your automobile and helping you to highlight all of its right sides. Top grade stands, cribs, ramps and show mirrors will let your car stand out and help you display it in a stylish way.

Show ramps are among the most important car show and display accessories. Lifting the front, rear, or side parts of your automobile off the ground, show ramps let you safely display its underside. Display ramps are portable and lightweight, thus being an ideal alternative to jack stands, floor jacks, and wooden blocks.

Lightweight and easy to transport show mirrors give a clear view of the automobile’s underbody. Positioned under the car already lifted and secured on ramps, cribs, or stands, a show mirror provides large viewing area of the car underside.

Show off your pride and joy with any one of our car show display accessories for a spectacular presentation at your next event. Use articulation ramps for eye-catching displays, wheel display stands to lift your car up, large show mirrors to flaunt the underbody and show rocks – a real favorite for off-road enthusiasts!

Be prepared for the upcoming motor shows

Every year, vendors throughout Autosport International, Essen Motor Show, Geneva Motor Show, Goodwood Festival of Speed, Mille Miglia Storica use Race Ramps to create prominent displays that highlight their products – and so could you! Capture the attention of over 100.000-plus attendees by using our wheel display stands, car show display ramps, articulation ramps and show rocks to elevate vehicles for better visibility.

Show Ramps were designed after going to several car shows and seeing what people go through to raise their car up and place a mirror on the ground to display its underside. They can be used to raise up the front, back, or side of the car-or get two sets and raise up the entire car to make it stand out. Show Ramps are a great lightweight alternative to jack stands, floor jacks, and wooden blocks. They reduce the risk of damaging your car, and they can be transported with no risk of sliding and denting your trunk.

Additional information

Weight18 kg
Dimensions104 × 76 × 45 cm
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